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We wouldn’t put our family on the road in a car that isn’t safe and we won’t put our customers on the road either. When you choose AB SAAB Parts & Service for your parts and service you become a member of our family. We only use quality parts to complete all services and repairs.

But don’t just take our word for it…

My parents have a Saab convertible that they love and only trust Al and Drew at AB SAAB. In fact my father enjoys coming to the shop just to talk to Drew because he takes the time to show him and explain why the car was behaving that way. I recently purchased a 2005 9-3 Saab convertible which has been a nightmare but thankfully I there is a happy ending to this story. I used a shop who shall remain unnamed in Texas where I live to fix the no starting problem and after spending over $1,800 with them they still didn't know what was wrong. They had bought a large amount of parts but apparently didn't understand the complex SAAB computer system even though they claimed to. My father called Al and asked if he could walk the shop in Texas through the repair. Al called them multiple times but they wouldn't listen to his advice and the car was still broken. My father had a truck come pick up my car and shipped it to Ohio for AB SAAB Parts & Service to repair. You read that right, we shipped the car across the country because we knew the car would be fixed and we could trust AB SAAB to be honest with us about what it needed. Al had the car running within an hour and diagnosed all of the issues that were actually causing the problem. Al and Drew are my savior. I can't thank them enough. They even inspected and prepped my car for the drive back to Texas! They know SAABs, period!

Abby H. - 2005 9-3 Convertible - Texas

Been taking our Saabs to Al & Drew since 2013. Have owned 5 Saabs, 2 in the garage as we speak, I can say that AB offers extremely reasonable pricing and does great work too boot. Al & Drew really do go the extra mile, like recently when they worked into the wee hours to have our wagon ready in time for an extended road-trip vacation. Thanks guys, we will be back though hopefully not for awhile!

MATT Z. - 2008 9-5 SC - Ohio

Well I would like to thank you guys for helping me do something that I figured would be impossible! Just received my parts today in under 10 days here in Canada and for way less than what I would have had to pay here! Will definitely be a repeat customer whenever I need something for my SAAB! Thank you guys!

DUSTIN E. - 1995 900 - Canada

After taking my car to other SAAB shops and even the dealer while under warranty the techs couldn't figure out my intermittent ABS, Stability Control, Traction Control and Auto Xenon Light leveling issue. I knew this was a job for Drew, after all he is my son and can fix anything. We knew it was electrical but the previous shops failed to trace the actual root of the problem. He walked me through the whole process of how he traced the root of this problem that I dealt with for years. His understanding of the system and willingness to inspect the complete wiring for those systems lead to him discovering the cause of the issue. Bad solder connections in the original wire harness from factory! I was amazed and relieved when he told me the fix was quick and easy!

Margie G. - 2007 9-3 SC - Ohio

Great guys to work with, fast response and great prices.

JAMES R. - 1999 9-3 - New York

Very helpful solved my problems and very awesome service!

LUIS M. - 2004 9-3 SS - Mexico